CITYZEN_ more than a sport club

One of the few facilities where I execute my training plan is CITYZEN_, the place that I treat with great appreaciation and I can with cleare conscience call it my second home, mainly because of the time I spend there.It is important to have place where you can execute every type of workout plan and as much as facility is important the atmosphere there is crucial too. Wheter you are in preparatory, competitive or transition state of the season or you just train for yourself or for pleasure, you will surely find there more training opportunities than you can imagine.

Below you can see photo gallery of the club where personal training take place. As you see CITYZEN_ is a well equipped facility.. With additional pass you can also have access to the full-sized swimming pool in the same building. There is even a place to sit down and relax with a nice cup of coffee or tea.

Ps. To be clear, this is not a paid endorsement. Just my honest opinion.