There is nothing like this particular feeling on your legs and … this scent – epic!
Best of the best!

I remember like it was yesterday, when I was in elementary school and came back to my music classes straight from the race – let me add that I have not been prepared and the only thing I’ve got was the sifxtus all over me 😀 and ofcourse I was called to sing some song that we were rehearsing and my teacher, after a moment of playing the piano, stopped in a blissful state and a smile on his face and asked me: what is this perfect fragrance? and I just replied, as if I have never said anything: it’s just a sixtus oil. Unforgettable for me.
Every time I smell Sixtus (Sport Frishe Fluid) I am reminded of this situation and also World Masters Road Championships in Austria jump in to my head, where as a little brat my father took me in th 90’s and I wasn’t able to ride up to the top of the mountain on my bike there.

PS. Let me add that this is not paid endorsement, only my honest opinion of these product, I bought them a while ago and only sharing my memories.